After my daughter was born we had an ongoing battle with feeding. We were in and out of doctors’ rooms, trying to figure out what the problem could be. In the meanwhile it was my duty, as a mother , to do the best I could to make every little spoonful count. Drs remained puzzled that my child could be so healthy, never dehydrated or with tummy problems, yet she ate so little.

Three years later, I tried a different avenue and discovered that she had a
sensory problem which involved much more than only eating. She struggled
to filter her surroundings, and thus could not sit still to focus on eating.
As parents, we were relieved to finally be able to understand and support
our child better.

Today, I am glad that my efforts were not in vain. While she is still a small
eater, my child is healthy and makes wise food choices from a wide variety.

Little Foodease was born from my obsession with nutrition, and my
determination to provide the right ingredient combinations for my child.
I would love to share these yummy, healthy combinations with parents,
to ensure that your child gets an enjoyable, nutritious meal.

I urge parents – try it yourself!