stage 2

simple combinations
slightly textured purees | 100 ml portions

A range of slightly textured fruit & veg combinations
in 100 ml tubs, exposes baby to new exciting flavours
and colours. While providing a balanced diet for your
little one, it’s slightly textured to encourage chewing
with gums for speech development.

The addition of protein provides extra iron for your
growing baby and is the perfect complement to the
veggies and fruits they already adore.

Small portions are perfect for meeting baby’s
growing appetite. Easy to defrost and warm in bottle
warmer or microwave.


Stage 2 – Varieties

FRUIT (seasonal) – R15.95

VEG – R17.95

PROTEIN – R19.95


Heating Instructions

Defrost fully (we recommend defrosting in the
fridge over night, or leave out at room temperature
3 – 4 hours before meal time).

Place tub in bottle warmer on desired heat setting.

Remove lid. Microwave on high for 60 seconds.
Allow meal to stand for a minute. Stir well to remove
hot spots and test to make sure it is not too hot for
your little one. Microwave ovens vary and heating
time is approximate.

Do not reheat the meal once heated.
Do not refreeze once thawed.