Nutritious delicious explorer meals | 200 ml

Our Toddler Meals are nutritious & delicious, for busy toddlers (and easy on busy moms, too).

A wide variety of favourites (loaded with hidden veg)
plus a few more exotic ones, all contain a blend of
vegetables, protein, fibre and iron for your growing tot!

These 200 g meals, with more complex tastes & textures,
will help your little one with the transition to table food.

Meals are provided in trays, to promote self-feeding.
Easy to defrost and warm in microwave. It’s also great
to have in the freezer if it’s a hot curry or braai night
for mom & dad!


TODDLER – Varieties

SEASONAL FRUIT (130 ml) – R21.95

VEG – R26.95

CHICKEN – R31.95

BEEF – R31.95

LAMB – R34.95

FISH – R34.95


Heating Instructions

Defrost fully (we recommend defrosting in the
fridge over night, or leave out at room
temperature 3 – 4 hours before meal time).

Remove lid. Microwave on high for 2 minutes.
Allow meal to stand for a minute and make sure
the food is hot throughout, but not too hot for
your toddler. Microwave ovens vary and heating
time is approximate.

Do not reheat the meal once heated.
Do not refreeze once thawed.