HOW TO TURN A BANANA INTO FINGER FOOD using only your hands!

Bananas are Super Convenient! One of the great things about bananas for kids is how simple it is to turn them into healthy snacks, even on the go.

So I grew up with a simple trick and I thought it was common knowledge, but every time I mention this to other parents, they stare at me in awe! So I have to share! This is a life saver when you are on the go. No need for any utensils. Just a banana.

Here’s how to do it! Peel the banana.

I usually break it in half to make shorter snacks, but you can keep it whole.

Bananas naturally have 3 sections. Squeeze the banana gently to loosen the pieces. Separate the pieces with your fingers one by one until you have your snacks!

These are ideal for finger foods and because they are separated in their natural form, they don’t brown easily. You’re welcome!

We’ve also made a video to show you how to do it!

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