Why do we want to get our kids
out in the garden?

Letting your children spend time outdoors has amazing benefits. While they are outside, they are physically active, developing motor skills and absorbing vitamin D for strong bones. The freedom of spending time outdoors is priceless. Let them amuse themselves and use creativity for imaginative games. They will turn out to be the smarter, happier, healthier ones!

Encourage a love for fresh natural ingredients. Children are more prone to eat something that they picked themselves, developing a sense of pride and healthy eating habits.

Inspire kids to use fresh ingredients – adopting the term from the garden to the table.

Letting them develop skills in the kitchen, will help them become well-adjusted adults.

What do plants need to grow?

Stones are needed for good drainage. Collecting stones develop motor skills.

Getting dirt on your hands is crucial for tactile development, and a good way to build up their immune systems.


Watering plants regularly will give them a sense of responsibility.


Children become aware of the whole natural world around them and develop a love and respect for nature. Appreciating the tiny bees and their importance for our planet.

Children learn through experience

To see plants root is a very exciting process for little ones. Changing the water regularly encourage a nurturing process.

When children experience nature everyday, they are prone to observe everything around them. They will love to experience the process of growth, with their own eyes.


As life happens, with busy schedules, most herbs will spring back to life
even after some draught 😉


And the best part – herbs thrive with regular trimming.
Perfect for eager little helpers!



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