sensory box


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coffee beans
variety of plastic bugs
drift wood
imitation plants
magnifying glass
bug catcher
bubble tongs
16 L storage container


TACTILE SENSE The bug box offers a variety of items in diverse textures and shapes for little hands to explore; thus, developing their tactile sense and introducing new experiences.

OLFACTORY SENSE The coffee beans stimulate the sense of smell due to their signature scent.

BILATERAL INTEGRATION Enhancing the skill of using the two sides of the body to work together is of utmost importance in the early stages of a child’s development. By playing inside the tray, bilateral integration is encouraged.

MIDLINE CROSSING Children are encouraged to cross over from the one side of their body. Midline crossing is a vital part of successful reading and writing capabilities in the future.

FINE-MOTOR SKILLS Inclusion of tools such as bubble tongs, tweezers and jars with removable lids, enhance children’s fine motor skills by strengthening muscles in the hands and fingers. In addition, picking up and transferring bugs or coffee beans into jars or scoops develops the pincer grip used in writing at a later stage. The muscles in little wrists are also strengthened through maneuvering scoops and adjusting the lids on the jars during play.

SPATIAL AWARENESS The bug box includes a bug jar and various plants intended for bugs to go inside, under, next to, etc.; thus, developing the child’s spatial awareness.

LANGUAGE SKILLS Playing, naming and discussing various items included in the bug box expands the child’s vocabulary and opens conversations about the habitats, sleeping patterns and life cycles of various insects and animals.

IMAGINATIVE PLAY Children enjoy using the various elements provided to play and create games.



This set contains small pieces which could be a choking hazard. Never leave your child unattended during play.

Not recommended for ages 0-3 years.

Please ensure that coffee beans are stored in a clean, dry container after playing. It is recommended that coffee beans be replaced every 2 years.


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